I just got my computer back from Alex who was out of town. School is crazy (schedule-wise) The girls love it. Mommy’s tired tired tired. More later.


Kindergarten and Preschool

This is it. Tomorrow morning our lives will change forever. No more picking up and walking to the park whenever, going out of town with Alex during the week, running errands whenever it suits us, taking the girls out for lunch, heading to the children’s room at the library at any point in the day……….. This is the point in which parent’s lives go from complete independence to following a school schedule. What a pity party eh? I could go further. I could include the fact that they aren’t just going to come running in at any given moment to give me a big kiss, I no longer feed three children lunch, only one, no more cuddly rest times in the afternoon, no more walks in the morning, or hugs every 1/2 hour or so. They are going to have a blast, they are going to learn so much and love growing up…..mama, no so much. I’m trying to focus on the fact that I will have some extra time with just Addison that we have never had before, but considering she will go straight for a nap after Layla heads for school in the afternoon, and I will wake her up to go get Izzy from the bus stop, it really isn’t that much time. I may just get myself a nap though.

I’m starting off a whole new era of life as of next Monday morning. My first baby girl is going to be leaving my side to go to Kindergarten. We have spent 5 1/2 years together, every day, every minute, every week. I have to finish buying school supplies, join PTA, go to orientation, put my baby on a school bus, do a new kind of shopping for lunchbox type food, buy new tennis shoes (she grew several inches this Summer), new jeans, and the list goes on and on. I have do all this while warding off the tears. I think it sucks that all of her play time hours are going to be spent away from me. I get her for dinner, and bedtime and thats about it. Whatever happened to half day kindy? I also need to find a babysitter so I can go on all the field trips that I can. Life speeds by so fast when you have kids. I feel like childhood and teenage years took so long, and as soon as that first baby girl was born life started whooshing by me at lighting speeds. On top of Isabella going to school all day, Layla is starting preschool. Which is 4 days a week for half a day. Where did my little baby girls go? And the cherry on top of it all? Isabella learned to ride a two wheeler at her daddy’s side last night……let the tears fall. I mean, if she weren’t growing up and needing new pants, and going to school that would mean that there is something wrong with her. She is doing exactly what a healthy little girl should be doing, so I guess I need to grow up all over again too.

New Blog

Alrighty. Here I go getting a new blog. I guess I am done with Xanga and joining the party over here. Hopefully it is easier to use, considering it took me forever to learn Xanga. I think I will close my Myspace as well and consolidate down to just Facebook and here. So stay tuned. The posts they are a-coming.