So last week I made some cheese bisquits that were quite similar to Red Lobster’s bisquits. Anyway, while eating them my Layla says this:

Layla: Is there cheese in this?
Me: Yep
Layla: (In a very happy voice) HOW KIND OF YOU TO PUT CHEESE IN THIS. I LOVE CHEESE!


Boys and Girls

Its no secret that I’ve been in denial for much of my pregnancy. Denial about managing a life with four kids, logistically, financially, emotionally…. Denial about gaining 50 pounds again and having to work it off for years to come….Denial about this huge barrier keeping me from snuggling up to my husband like I’ve become accostomed to over the last 6 years. But most of all denial about what in tarnation to do with a son????? I have three girls, they are all I know. But here’s my epiphone of the day/week. I have about 80 days until this little guy gets here. He’s gonna need more than the two pajamas and blanket I have for him. I need to get shopping. I’m getting really excited to have another tiny baby to love up and hold. He’s coming, and coming soon, really soon. 80 days is nothing when you’ve got holidays inbetween and Addison’s second birthday. But here is the kicker——-

In my severe modesty, I have yet to teach my little girls about boys and ((((penises)))). I know, I know, they are 5 1/2 and 4. Izzy and Layla should know by now. Because when that baby gets here there are a few things I know they are bound to notice. Its my fault, I should have explained earlier about girl bodies and boy bodies. Its just that they have never been very inquisitive about their bodies and I let it go. They just recently asked about why I wear a bra, and when they will have “bumps”. See….told ya I was in denial….. Needless to say I will be making a trip to the library to find an age appropriate book on little bodies.

7 Random Things About Me

1. I dream of being a famous singer. I don’t have the extreme talent it would take for anyone to want to hear me, but its my dream….

2. I LOVE to bake. I wish I had all the money I could possible want to spend tons on great ingredients and different baking pans etc. I’m going to make pumpkin rolls for gifts to Alex’s family this year.

3. Reading is my vice. When I was little I would get grounded from reading, because I was reading under the covers at night. I have to read a book all the way thru. I can’t take weeks or even days to read it, I have to know what happens right now.

4. My perfect job ever would be dolphin trainer. Alex payed for me to swim with dolphins at Sea World while we were dating and it is still one of my top 10 moments in my life. One of the dolphins really liked me, and wouldn’t come to any of the other swimmers. His name was Porter.

5. The very best thing to wear is a brand new, never worn pair of socks. The very best thing to relax is getting into a bed with very fresh clean sheets, nice and tight right after taking a shower. Ahhhh….so comfy.

6. ….number 6 is a secret…..but its the first thing that came to my head…

7. Does anyone remember the cartoon Pound Puppies or Wuzzles? They were my favorite when I was little. Along with Rainbow Bright.


I don’t care how much trouble economically a country is in. If you cannot respect the most basic American life then I cannot put my trust in you to do anything else. This goes for abortions at any stage, and most assuradly for embryonic stem cell research.

Seriously Obama? Punish your daughters with a baby??? Give me a break. Have you never heard of adoption? There are consequences for having sex. And babies are not punishments, they are innocent victims.