Here is just a snapshot of some of my favorite moments from this month so far

My Girls

Layla decorating tree

Isabella decorating Christmas tree

You see, Alex cut himself severely at work, needed 15 stiches, and then the next day proceeded to screw his bandaged hand to the wall while finishing up the basement…….

Addison turns 2!


Freakin’ broken record

I know, gloom and doom haunts my every conversation lately. But I have been sick with an infection for a month now and on antibiotics that give an entirely other sort of yucky and painful infection, plus for four days I have been sick with another sort of yucky ailment that I got from my kids + being 9 months pregnant with severe heartburn that makes me throw up, and definitely not sleep at night…. so I think perhaps I am justified one complainy post before they all get mushy and gushy about my new son. And that was pretty much the extent of it. I am SICK. I’m not going to go into disgusting details about my 4 different sicknesses, but please pray for me LOTS. So here is a picture of what I want to be feeling right now. Please enjoy as much Christmas cheer as you are going to get from me at the moment. That is until tonight when my beautiful daughter sings in her first Winter program at Kindergarten.

This weekend was packed full of fun….for the girls and their dad. I watched from the window as I am not walking so well these days. I did notice a few things though.

*Izzy will patiently watch and help every step of the Christmas light process. (including wiggling every little light) She will stand outside patiently holding the end of the line so it doesn’t get tangled while Daddy wraps the trees.

*Layla when it is her turn to help with a tree will hold the line and start running full on into the back of Alex giggling her little head off, just to abandon the helper job 2 minutes later to go dance in the snow.

*Alex LOVES the qualities in both girls and takes it all in stride including Layla’s goldfish attention span, and Izzy’s incessant need to help in every step and never ending questions so that she doesn’t miss a detail even when it slows him down (which he hates).

I’ll put pictures up later. Oh, and this is my final thing. I am 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant. There is a particular spot that a baby can push down on that is not particularly painful but almost feels like some one bouncing on your bladder when it is at max capacity, which is so not fun. I have less than 19 days until my baby gets here!!!!! Now I need to go attend to all the things that I haven’t done yet to prepare for said baby.

Ok, well I realize that it has been a while since I have posted but I promise I have good reason. Here’s a little of what is going on.

Lets scoot back a week or two and then catch up:
~Homework every night with Izzy (man that girl has a lot of reading to do every night)
~Doctor’s appointments
~One trip to the hospital to stop labor
~Christmas shopping
~Birthday shopping for Addison,
~Planning for Izzy’s birthday
~Grocery shopping (I spend way too much time in stores but its not my fault)
~Multiple trips to Home Depot to help Alex pick out stuff for the basement he is almost done with!!!!!

Which brings us up to the present-
~Several meetings about carpet for the basement
~still homework
~doctor appointments still
~oh, did I mention that I am 35 weeks pregnant and this baby is a break-dancer?
~Baking with my girls this afternoon, and possibly bible study this evening
~Tomorrow getting my roots fixed so that I don’t look like a big goober anymore
~Saturday, baby shower
~Sunday- church, christmas tree, Christmas party in Elyria Square in which the girls and I painted some milk jug luminaries to help decorate
~Dec. 15- Carpet install in the basement (hope Alex is done painting!)
~Dec. 17- Izzy’s first Winter Program at school
~Dec. 18- Addison’s second Birthday
~Dec. 19- Layla’s first Christmas party at school, I’ll just bring punch this year I think
~Dec. 23- Last Doctor appointment
~Dec. 24- Christmas Eve at our house (only two people are coming and Alex cooks, so I’m not too worried about this one)
~Dec. 25- Christmas obviously, probably we’ll be at Alex’s parent’s house
~Dec. 27-29- Trip to hospital to get this baby out!!!!
~Jan. 6- Izzy’s 6th Birthday….this one will be a sobber. 6 is so old…. And she is about to lose her first tooth….what’s a mom to do?