Things I know For Sure Part 1

Things I Know For Sure:
1. Alex will probably never put away the toothpaste, contact solution or hand towel, and I’ve come to terms with it.

2. Layla will never make it through a meal without singing a song. The song of the day is Mamma Mia.

3. Addison’s eyelashes are at least half an inch long….. I’m not exaggerating. I guess it makes up for her lack of hair on top.

4. Isabella is going to be trouble in the next 18 years. She is in kindergarten and has 4 boys in her class who daily tell her she is the most beautiful and argue about who is going to marry her, sit next to her at lunch etc….. kindergarten people. She is very gracious about it however.

5. I have to have my towels folded a certain way. The way my mommy taught me.

6. Donovan is a joy in my life that I thought I would never want. A fourth child, a boy. Nothing compares to my handsome, adorable, tiny baby, or the way I feel when he is crying and stops when I snuggle him up to my cheek.

7. The second milk is poured into my cereal the race begins to finish it before a single cheerio gets soggy.

8. I need to load the dishwasher a particular way for maximum dish fittage. It’s a new word pass it around. Lets make it commonplace. Alex never follows suit. You’d think that after seeing where they are all placed for so many years he would get it, but he doesn’t.

9. “Friends” (the show) can always make me laugh and I never get tired of it.

10. When I read a book, expect not to hear from me for 24 hours while I read it cover to cover.

11. I started this list because there was something funny that I really wanted to write down, but now I can’t remember. Which leads me to number twelve.

12. I can remember minute details about my life, other’s lives, celebrities, pop culture, but I can’t keep something funny to remember later or all the items I need at the store in my head. I guess that means I have exceptional long term memory and awful short term.

13. Lastly, Addison says the words mashed potatoes in such a way that makes my heart smile, and I can’t get enough of it. So watch this video.


I just wanted to update real quick. Donovan doesn’t have RSV, but he does have croup. I was awake all night long with him last night doing steam baths and just watching him breath. The poor guy was too tired too cry, he just choked and coughed and occasionally snored like a truck driver. We’re supposed to keep a close watch and make sure it doesn’t move down to his lungs. And now Addison is sick too. I’m so used to my kids being healthy all the time, that it always freaks me out when they get REALLY sick.

I don’t really have anything to report…. I had a nice Valentine Day with my family. I decorated the dining room all up like I do every year while they are sequestered upstairs. They loved it like always. Layal was disappointed that it wasn’t ready when she woke up, but I was a little busy with a sick baby Friday night to do it beforehand. It wasn’t quite as elaborate as last year, but I was running around like a chicken as it was getting things ready before Donovan needed me again. The poor little guy has RSV (I’m pretty sure) I’m taking him to the doctor this afternoon because he keeps choking on all the phlegm in his chest. I’m really worried about him. He’s having such a hard time breathing. So, worrying about him kind of tainted my excitement this year over Valentine’s Day. Alex got me a plant hanger I was admiring at the home and garden show last week, and he got the girls and Donovan a frame with all of their names carved in wood on the bottom. I got them a beanbag chair for their playroom. I don’t usually get them big gifts but we were already planning on getting one. That about sums up my weekend. I’ll be more cheery after my little guy is on the mend!

I’m deeply saddened today by some news I got yesterday from an old, good friend of mine in Iowa. He and his wife were expecting their baby girl this week, but instead of bringing her home they are burying her today. They had a routine appointment on Monday, then two days later she was stillborn for no apparent reason.

First of all, I don’t even know how that is possilbe. “no apparent reason”. I don’t get that. Second of all, I know what it feels like to lose a baby. The three year anniversary of my miscarriage is actually on the same day that they lost their baby. However, I do not know what it is like to carry a baby for nine months, go though all the appointments, baby showers, decorating the nursery, countless shopping trips, have everything be normal and then not come home with my precious baby. I can’t fathom that. They went to the hospital with a special outfit probably to dress their baby in for its first car ride home, probably had the carseat all ready…. and then nothing. I can’t fathom going home to a cute little bedroom all set up and closet full of clothes, none of which will get used. I know the pain….but I can’t wrap my mind around this. Please pray for my friend and his wife. They are going through something today that no one should ever have to.

So I am going to go and stare hard at my little Donovan and be SO eternally thankful that he is here next to me, healthy, and sleeping away. And then I’m going to go kiss my three daughters. And I’m going to pray hard for that poor couple who lost their first baby… for no apparent reason.