So my two year old comes over to me with a starburst two-pack in her hand and says:
“I want to know what’s in this package?” So I just stare at her in disbelief that she just said the word package and say to her, “Addison, I really love you.” To which she replies, “I weally love you also. Can I eat this?” I don’t know when she turned into a big kid that says package and also, but it definitely happened when I wasn’t looking. She used to say, “I loves you too!” now apparently we use the word also.



I am leaving for Mexico. I felt I owe you an explanation as to why. Two children in bed with us last night edging us out onto the floor, same as the night before. 3 poopy diapers that smell like death before 11 a.m. One trip to Walgreens in my pajamas to buy tylenol for one of our feverish daughters. 1 poopy dog, 1 set of poopy underwear, legs, toilet, floor from Addison who tried to get Layla to help her and not tell mom, 1 call from school wondering why I haven’t called to tell them about Layla, another call from the school to tell me that Izzy is complaining of headache and has a slight fever, 1 boy with snot down to his toes every other second, crying incessantly from his poor teething mouth, one mom with swollen tonsils, 50 requests for lunch (from only one person) as soon as she finished breakfast, one split lip gushing blood…… wait…… Donovan just looked over and smiled and reminded me why I’ll stick it out for another hour or so. Oh, now Addison came over to me buck naked and told me I need a squirt (hand sanitizer of course, she feels it is her duty to keep everyone sanitized every day) and says she will look so “coot” in this skirt. I can only promise to stick it out another hour.


Donovan is now 9 months old. His first 7 months he spent being teeeennnyyy tiny. At his 7 month appointment he weighed 15 1/2 pounds. I weighed him on our home scale today and he is 20 lbs.!!! None of my girls weighed that much until after their first birthdays. Let alone gaining 5 pounds in two months. He has taken a definite liking to baby food and cheerios. He can eat and eat and eat. And then have a full bottle. Donovan is also having a hard time with some top teeth that are taking their dear sweet time to come in, and the only time he is happy is when I am holding him, as we learned at the gym yesterday…. with disastrous consequences. The child care workers said they never have seen a baby get THAT hysterical. Which of course he stopped instantly when he was in my arms and clutched onto me like a spider monkey. He now walks along the couch, wants to stand and grab anything that he can’t reach and isn’t allowed to touch, espcially Daddy’s stereo equipment. Just this week he figured out clapping to music and loves to smile whenever we tell him “no.” He also loves the bathtub and has what I like to call “propellar” arms as he splashes from the moment his tushy touches the tub. There is little I enjoy more than cuddling my little boy after he has had his bath and his hair is all fuzzy and smelling good from the baby soap.