Makes Me Happy

If you know me, you know I tend to get into self pitying moods due to the state in which I live, which happens to be hundreds and thousands of miles from my family and some of my best friends. So I am getting a kick in the rear from one of them and making a list of 10 things that make me happy and dwelling on those today.

10. The prospect of joining a missions trip to El Salvador next Summer for a week. I haven’t done a missions trip since high school, I miss it, I crave it, hopefully God will want it for me too and help me raise the money.

9. Donovan in footy pajamas. He just got some new ones with a moose on it and it is so cute!

8. Listening to Izzy recite the Christmas story. She knows the verses word for word.

7. Having the girls home on Christmas break. LOVE IT!!! And Addison is fully loving having her big sisters to play with all day every day.

6. Little giggles

5. Spending an entire day reading a good book.

4. My new bathroom sink.

3. Looking at my Christmas cards on the wall

2. Alex, Alex, Alex and more Alex. He started using a Bow Flex a few months ago and good golly its like putting whip cream on top of pumpkin pie. Doesn’t need it, but it sure makes it extra yummy!

1. God is good all the time.


This will be a doozy

Things I know for sure.
1. There is no way possible to share Christmas sugar cookies with others that my children cut out, frost and sprinkle. Their fingers were in their mouths from the first step to the last. I can’t blame them really, and so about half way through I quit saying “go wash your hands again.” So I decided to stop being mean mommy, let them lick, and not share with the neighbors.

2. I have Beautiful daughters.

3. I am madly in love with two boys, this is one of them.

4. I am so proud of this girl, the way she loves Jesus, and joy with which she sang out at her first Christmas program.

5. There is no way I can take Alex to a fancy restaurant. This particular picture is going to require a longer story. But that will be for another day.

6. God’s greatest gift to me is this family.

It Brings Me Back…

So this time of year is full of all kinds of wonderful scents. Pumpkin, sugar cookie, vanilla, cranberry, gingerbread and the list goes on. The big one left off the list? Pine. Every time I catch a whiff in a store, or a friend’s house the smell of pine brings me to a wonderfully nostalgic place. You see, long ago, longer than I would care to say my family moved to the midwest. But my great grandparents would send us a little piece of Oregon every Christmas. They would mail us an Oregon pine wreath! Oooh la la la, there are few things that smell better πŸ™‚ So when I smell pine I think of my amazing grandparents who now get to celebrate Christmas in Heaven together!! Can you imagine the wonder of that?!