Garden Party

I am currently planning my first ever garden party!
Of course my first thought is of the menu πŸ˜‰
Little known fact: I LOVE to garden as well as cook
I wish I had all of my mom’s awesome serving dishes and doodads to make a beautiful table.
Stay tuned…. this will be so fun!


Spring Means…..

Super fun Spring hats and side walk chalk masterpieces all over the driveway, steps, jeans, faces. It doesn’t even matter that laundry must be done all the more, because when you are a kid, you are carefree and laugh simply because you created something amazing and then wipe your hands on your pants.
Spring means my last baby learning to walk ever so cautiously on new surfaces that he has never experienced, play outdoors and smile up at me at every fascinating new experience. Then he opens and closes his hands motioning for me to come closer as he hugs my legs and buries his head against my pants before he turns and toddles off to make his next big discovery. Oh how I am cherishing these last moments I will have as a mother to a baby.

Cute Spring outfits that make us smile uncontrollably because we are finally free of coats, boots, hats, scarves and mittens that begin to weigh on us and our spirits!

Walking and/or running to and from school instead of trudging through the snow and driving when it gets so cold that our faces want to fall off. This also means Addison doing her best to run after her big sisters whom she thinks the world revolves for. It is sad for me to watch them run out of her range and see her desperately try to keep up. So I call to the big girls, have them wait, see them encourage her on and then I wipe tears from my eyes as she gets a big hug when she catches up, just to start the whole race over again. I remember what it feels like to be the one left behind. You would think as an adult that I would be over it, but the hurt is a hundred times worse having to watch my little one try so hard and get left in the dust. This day however, nothing could bring down her joy at running free.

Backpacks hastily tossed aside after school in little girls’ haste to taste freedom, fun and do as many things as they can possibly pack into one afternoon before Mommy calls them in for dinner

Learning to play hopscotch and challenging a friend to a game. This also involves cheering on your baby sister, who can only jump on two feet for now, but being proud of her anyway. Never fear Addison, you will soon learn how to hop on one foot just like your big sisters. They are the best teachers you could ask for. They love you, are patient when you are learning and they are infinitesimally excited for you when you finally figure out something that seemed so far off to Mommy just a few days before.

Spring in Ohio means that yes, there will be cold days, we will have to bring our coats back out from time to time, and yes, we still have snow in some places. But it also means the renewal of life as we watch tiny crocuses, daffodils and tulips push their way to the surface and check everyday to see if they are bigger. Thank you God for bringing us through the long Winter to much awaited Spring.


My kids are growing and changing so fast. Any mother out there can attest to the speed at which your two day old baby becomes a first grader reading books to you instead of the other way around. So, I drowned my self in old pictures a few nights ago to try and recapture those moments. So here are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy of my travel back in time.

If only I could actually hop back and really take in Izzy’s Shirley Temple curls

and Layla’s sweet little pig tails

And Addison’s snuggly little body.

I feel as if our world just changed yesterday with the arrival of our handsome little man. He was such a tiny thing until a few months ago and now he is such a toddler raring to go!
For whatever reason, I cannot get the picture of Donovan to upload. Oh well.

Baby Feet and Bath Time

I have been so stressed out with school lately that I needed to come up for air, give my little ones a nice long bath where I actually played with them

Spent time inhaling their fresh sweet smell after, and cuddled up and read books when we were all done, and remember who I am going to school for.
Its for their future. Yes, I need to finish what I started 7 years ago for me too, but ultimately I am taking time away right now so that in a few years I can contribute to my children’s education and teach them the importance of that.

This moment in time however, it was just me, Addison and Donovan relishing in the bubbles and each other.

As I know from my older girls these times go so quickly and out of reach so for today, homework can wait. I’m off to go cook some lunch with Gussy Goose and pull up her pants for the hundredth time!