Lime Chicken, Homework and Vacation

This weekend I made Fiesta Lime Chicken (inspired from a recipe from It was fabulous!  See my recipe blog for instructions:  It was so nice to create(ish) something new. 
Its been a good long while since I have allowed myself into the kitchen to just enjoy myself.  Life for me lately has been just like living life on a checklist.  I am so focused on the next 10 steps I need to take that I haven’t had the opportunity to stop, take a breath, and enjoy.  But hallelujah I enjoyed my dinner that night!  It felt good to create, to cook, to be still (ish) in my kitchen.  So then making a new recipe led of course to a baking itch and so I mad a few loaves of pumpkin bread. 
I had an epiphany last night at Bible Study.  Our leader, and friend presented a question that made me realize that I am so busy checking things to get done off my list.  I am so busy trying to get through this life on my own power.  I am so busy DOING that when things aren’t flowing smoothly or my kids are inexplicably cranky for a week straight I also feel like a huge crank.  And for some reason I just can’t figure out why things are going so badly.  Well of course I blamed it on being too busy.  But it turns out that I forgot to do the one, oh so simple thing that could have made it all better.   I completely didn’t think to turn to my God.  Which is silly, because He always brings comfort, he always brings peace to my home. Peace to my kids, peace to me, peace to my husband.  So do I still have two weeks of homework to get through in one week so I can enjoy vacation next week? {How goofy is it to get stressed out by a coming vacation?} Yep.  Do I have two exams to study for this week?  Yep.  Do I have four kids and a husband who deserve my utmost? Yep.  But this time I am going to let God lead me and clear my path and my mind.  I’m going to let him breathe new life into my home this week.
Off I go to pray, to snuggle, to study, to play,  to breathe in some divine peace.
Do you ever get so capable at your job that you forget to let God lend you a hand? 

A Mommy’s Life

Today is the day.  The day I dread anticipate all year long.  The first day of school. 

I’m not the mom who dreads Summer and all that time with her kids all day long.
I’m not the mom who says “I can’t wait for school to start again so these kids will be out of my hair.”
I’m not the mom on the school grounds who heaves a great sigh of relief that school has started so that I can have some “me time.” 
I’m the one who can’t sleep the night before school because I have butterflies in my stomach on behalf of my kids.

I’m the who lingers in the classroom and tries to psychically determine if this teacher {who will get to spend the lion’s share of her day with MY fabulous daughters} will be kind and loving and fun. 
I’m the one who is barely holding it together on the inside, with a huge smile on her face so that her daughters will remain excited about school.

I’m the one who has to be physically prodded out of the classroom by her husband and holds onto his hand on the way home letting him lead me home because I can’t see for the tears flowing down my face.

I’m the one who will watch the clock all day long until I can go and retrieve 2 of the loves of my life.

Is having 4 kids a lot of work? Yes.  Is having 4 kids as EVERY person we encounter in the world says “a handful?” Certainly. But it is the most fantastic handful.  I’m lucky.  I’m blessed.  I’m that mom.  And if that makes me the annoying mom who doesn’t want to let go of her kids because she loves them so desperately…. then so be it.

I know, you’re thinking he’s insanely cute aren’t you?  Either that or trying to decide if it is in fact the same baby.

 Its way better than the mom who barely rolls to a stop and shoves her kid out the car door and speeds off.  I’ll be the clingy mom any day.  For them, I act like I’m really excited for their new adventure.  And I am.  I don’t let them see my heartache at being apart from them.  But my kids know I love them.  They KNOW it.