Whilst my little ones are watching the Sword in the Stone for their quiet time, I’m going to sneak in my first InstaFriday in a few weeks.
In order to do so I had to take a big step over some spilled oats {Donovan decided pretend kitchen food wasn’t for him}, leap over an over-flowing laundry basket, and dodge a little dump truck on the stairs.  I’ll get back to taking care of those things, but sometimes you just need a minute.  Ya know?
My sister’s house is clean all the time.  I am not my sister.  I’m pretty good about cleaning my toilets several times a week.  I’m just sayin’.
Anyway, we had some fun this week. Autumn in Ohio is in full force. This post is so random, is it not?
I’m having trouble focusing on account of the messy house and I get to go on a date with my Man tonight.  And I do mean MAN. He doesn’t know what a “man-cessory” is.  Doesn’t notice when women stare at him in public, gets riled up about his football team, and has these killer arms that I like best when they are wrapped around me.  Too much info?
Oh pictures!  That’s why I’m on here and not cleaning.  I almost forgot.  I’m going to blame it on my medication from now on.

We like when Donovan sleeps.  He’s cute, and we can take a breather.  Dennis the Menace I tell you.

There has been a lot of this
And a lot of this 🙂
Seriously.  Dennis the Menace.  With a cute little tushey.
I got this idea from above spoken of sister.  Ciabatta bread basket, stuffed with mushroom, spinach, cheese, bacon and a fried egg on top.
No bake Mountain Cookies.  So yum.
And thank you Pinterest for this one!  Addison and I had so much fun 🙂
life rearranged

Getting out of a Funk

Sometimes when you are in a funk, haven’t had your required beauty sleep in ages {thank you Donovan for that, by the way}, annoying health issues and the house is a disaster, when the kids are taking turns being sick instead of all at once…you have to fake it till you feel it. 

For me that includes an incredibly wild family wrestle, with all 6 of us last night before bed.  As in, on the way into their beds…. when most parents are quietly taking children out of lavender infused baths, dimming lights, singing lullabyes….. Hublover and I gave each other “The Look and Wink.”  We charged upstairs which sent all 4 children running and squealing, somehow wound up on opposite sides, and we tickeled and wrestled our babies until we were all out of breath.

We did eventually come to our senses, and tuck them quietly in under some heavy quilts {Hello cold Autumn nights}, shut the door to their quiet giggles and whispers to each other, and cart the Boy off to his little room.  And the last thing he said to me before he fell asleep (before he woke up 4 more times) was “I love you Mom. I seewious. I pwomise.”  And I felt it. Pure peace and happiness. That extra special “something” down in our souls for our children that can make you push all the bad right out the window, shut it tight and close the curtains. 

I keep finding him asleep in the hall.  He’s weird.

How do you put your kids to bed?? 

4 Ingredient Italian-esque Wedding Soup

In a cooking rut?  Need a quick easy recipe?  Well, here you go!  This is what we are having for dinner tonight.
I love this soup. I wish I could list a ton of ingredients that I so expertly put together to meld into one pot of deliciousness. But I can’t. There is only four. It is so easy, so healthy, and all my kids + husband love it. It is absolute, Autumnal/Wintery heaven with some crusty, warm, french bread.
One package of frozen, chopped spinach
5 cups of chicken stock
One cup of orzo pasta
Chicken sausage stuffed with mozzarella and spinach (I get it at super walmart), but really any kind of link sausage you want will work. If you like spiciness use chorizo.
In large pot, pour in the stock
2. Toss in frozen hunk of spinach (embarrassingly simple)
3. While spinach defrosts in pot, slice your sausage into thin rounds
4. When stock is boiling and all spinach is defrosted and cooking, add in sausage and one cup of orzo
5. Boil for 9 minutes or until orzo is al dente.