She walks in beauty…

“She walks in beauty”…. and joy, and love, and peace, and sweetness….. and she doesn’t know any other way to be.  My littlest daughter turned 5 a few days ago.  She is untouched by the darkness, and evil of the world.  She is just pureness.  As hard as I try to keep her little, and deny that she is in fact growing up, Addison had another birthday.
This little girl came in to our lives when we were desperate for a happy ending.  And honestly, she is the happiest, most compassionate child I have ever met.  All five of us are desperately in love with her, even Donovan.  Happy 5th Birthday Love.

I love you.  Thank you for being mine.  You will never know how you rescued me just by being you.

Why I Advocate For Orphans

Every little girl deserves a daddy.  One that has so earned her love and trust, that the sound of him at the back door every night, sends her running and leaping into his arms.  One that she just can’t hold herself back from hugging like a baby monkey while he plays his guitar.  Because she loves him THAT much.

Every little boy needs a daddy that will so understand his energy, persistence and heart.  A daddy that will consistently rock him to sleep at night, but also have father-son wrestle time, at which the little boy will laugh harder and more sincerely than at any other activity.  Every boy deserves to feel so completely safe and secure that he can fall into the most peaceful sleep every night.

Every child deserves a daddy, that will not only work 14+ hours a day, but will also give a horsey ride to 3 kids at once, even though said horse is so exhausted and just wants to be put out to pasture for the night.

Because no child, deserves to go to an unspeakably, horrible mental asylum simply because they have Down’s Syndrome.
You can help.