Run the Race

Running.  Sounds simple right?  No real equipment needed.  You don’t need to be particularly skilled, and its not too complicated.  For many however, it is really hard.  You may have asthma (as I do) that challenges a desire to run free, or one may have a few {ahem} extra pounds that makes it a trifle more difficult. 

I would like to submit that the challenge of running is miniscule compared to what people in our country and out of it go through on a daily basis to survive.  People are battling cancer and other debilitating diseases.  Families are starving to death in huts.  Children are abandoned and orphaned at alarming rates and left vulnerable to human traffickers….. and I’m worried about how much mulch I need to spread in a few weeks! 

The point is this, do good. We are all busy.  We all have struggles.  We all have jobs and families.  Do Good anyway.  Run and do good.  Every labored breath, or stitch in your side or cramp in your calf is little compared with what is going on in our world.

I would like to offer you 3 opportunities to Run For Good! Some of them you can even walk.  Walking is more my style right now, until I work my way up to running. 

1.As Our Own has multiple cities where you can join in the race to help support girls rescued in India out of brothels.

I WILL RUN from As Our Own on Vimeo.

2. Ordinary Hero is joining the Country Music Marathon in Nashville.  They have a team for the full marathon, half and walking half!  Awesome.  I wish it wasn’t 8 hours away, I would be there for sure!  Their annual fundraiser is that night also and sound like a fantastic, inspiring event.  You do not want to miss it.

3. Or pick any race in your area, and run for Compassion International.  Have your friends and family pledge support for you and get a Team Compassion jersey to show your support. And if you are physically unable to run, you can support any walker/runner to make your voice heard!

Have you run for good? 


My son waits every day in this spot. Every day around five o’clock he is drawn like a magnet, pulls up the blinds and waits.  He can’t tell time, but something in him knows.  He is three years old and he has been doing his routine without breaking it since he could pull himself up, barely reaching his little fingers to the windowsill, standing on tip-toes, waiting.  Donovan is waiting for his Daddy to pull up in his truck, and the moment he does, well, lets just say a hullabaloo ensues.  Donovan will simultaneously break out in a huge smile, yell “DADDY!!!!” as loud as he can, turn and run for the back door, and the second that door opens he leaps at his dad.

Some days, he waits and waits and waits.  My husband travels for business and some nights, no matter how long Donovan waits, daddy just isn’t going to drive up.  Its okay, we have a routine.  I go to him and explain that Daddy is away for a few days and we will call him.  He loves me too, but the disappointment stings.

My children are lucky enough to have whether or not Daddy will be home for dinner, as their biggest worry.  They have everything they need, and some of the things they want.  We have dedicated ourselves to making them feel secure.  They KNOW we love them.  They are safe and at peace in that knowledge.  They know that they will have food to eat, and will have a cozy place to sleep.  They know that if they aren’t feeling good we will whisk them off to the doctor.  They are completely and utterly at peace.

Unfortunately there are children all over the world who do not have that.  They wait for that security and provision.  They wait, and hope and dream.  And then wait some more.  Thanks to Compassion International, children living in poverty have the chance to eat, go to school, and receive medical care.  But they are waiting.  Waiting for someone to choose them.  I imagine the sting of watching other kids you know be chosen and sponsored is very painful.  I’m sure they want to put on a happy face and be happy for their friends, but inside are holding back tears that they weren’t chosen.

Children all over the world are hoping for a chance at life.  Their moms and dads work hard  but aren’t able to give it to them.  You can be the one who answers their silent wishes at night.  God can use you, to answer the prayers and dreams of the kids, and of the moms and dads who are heartbroken when they can’t feed their children.

Watch this one minute video to see what it is like for them.  Waiting.

Sponsor a Waiting Child from Compassion International on Vimeo.

Please visit Compassion International and sponsor a child who has been waiting for hope.

What was the last thing that you waited for with breathless anticipation? Mine was as silly as waiting for some lemon cookies to come out of the oven! Share yours in the comment section.