Summit VIII- Part 2

Before I dive in to my belated second post on Summit VIII, I want to point your direction towards the chipin widget over there ——–>.     I’m returning to El Salvador with my church July 14-21.  This year I have the honor of leading the team {which now includes my husband!}.  My insides are all aflutter with excitement.  Its getting so close and I CANNOT wait to get back to the country and people who are like family to me!!!!  All that to say, if you would like to help us and our team financially, please consider giving to our trip.  It is with complete humility that I ask this, I know money is tight for so many. I would rejoice over a single dollar.  I hate fundraising, I just do.  I don’t like asking for money, but that doesn’t really allow others to be a part of a missions trip in lieu of going.  Please know this, if you are able to give, you take part in the mission of sharing God’s love.  We will be your feet. The Lord is faithful and uses all of us to support one another. 

Now, on to Summit VIII.
There is a quote that I have been unable to get out of my head:
“At the heart of salvation is a father’s love.  It is Son Centered, But Father focused.”
I can’t remember who said it, I’m so sorry.  It is just so true though. 
Satan wants to do everything in his power to destroy and tarnish the image of fathers, so that God the Father, the giver of salvation, our adoptive Father, will not be found.
As I thought about this, I realized that it is very much the case in the entertainment industry. How many sitcoms or movies can you think of that center around an idiot father. 
*He doesn’t know how to care for the children, or want to for that matter.
* He wants to be served  by his wife and children
*Life is about his interests
*He is perceived as weak and dumb
*In movies, fathers abandon their families and go in pursuit of younger women with no children
This is not God the Father.  He is faithful.  He is just, and powerful.  He is to be feared. He is present. Ever present. He is Love.
He adopts.
{and his children will adore and honor him for his love}

“Sometimes we can be faddish about justice issues, where it becomes the ‘in’ thing to do,” said Crawford Loritts, the senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Ga. “We need to see how profoundly, deeply rooted this (orphan care issue) is in the very heart of God. The Gospel is about justice, and justice is rooted in the Gospel. You cannot speak about the Bible without speaking about justice.”

37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25

There is more.  So much more. Follow or subscribe because I promise there is more wisdom to report on then will fit into one day.  Y’all  don’t want to read a book, so I’ll portion it out. 🙂

In the mean time, there is a little child, who is “the least of these,” who has 4 days to be rescued. 4 days to find a mom and dad. 4 days to be rescued from almost literally a hell hole. 4 days until his small remainder of life will be spend in a condition that Nazi’s thrust upon so many innocents. Starvation, neglect and abuse. This should not be possible or legal in this day and age. Visit No Greater Joy Mom and help rescue Kristopher.

Because if he isn’t rescued, this video shows the kind of place he will spend the rest of his life in.

Please spread the word about Kristopher.

Summit VIII- Part 1

The busiest month in the history of my family, included me packing my bags and heading west.  Leaving Alex to deal with the busiest month in history, PLUS 4 kids alone.  {side note: I went to a place where people referred to my 4 children as “only 4!”}

I married a man with looks, brains, braun, and a heart.  Because of all the aforementioned traits, he booked me a trip to attend the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Summit VIII.  I’m in the beginning stages of building an Orphan/Adoption Care ministry at my church and this conference was pretty vital for someone trying to do that.

If you are anything like me, before leaving your family for 4 days, you plan everything out very carefully.  I actually had a list, that included “make a list” on the list. Are you following so far?  Okay, I was planning to leave in the wee hours of the night/morning on Wednesday and would be gone until Saturday evening.  My daughter’s birthday party, by neccesity had to be the very next day…. so the week leading up to Summit was a flurry of getting every last detail for her party ready.

Now, I don’t know if any of you have ever been apart from your spouse before, but for me, whose husband travels often, I have a routine.  The night before he leaves I lay a massive kiss on the guy.  One he isn’t going to forget. Ever. Its like the saying, “live every day to the fullest because it may be your last.”  I don’t know if that kiss will be the last, so its gotta be world-ending-good.  I don’t mean to brag, but I totally nailed the kiss and checked it off my list.  I digress.

So with bag packed, debate about which purse to bring over, and shoes picked out, we wake at 4 a.m. And as I make a last second purse change, this coversation occurs with me and my beloved.  He popped into the bedroom to check on my progress and give me his frequent-traveler-checklist.  But after 10 years of marriage I’ve learned to read between the lines.  Here’s our conversation:

Alex: Do you have your toothbrush?
Meaning: I’m going to miss you bad baby!

Alex: Are all your liquids under 3 oz?
Meaning: Please do not desert me and leave me with 3 daughters and a 3 year old mama’s boy to raise all alone.

Alex: Do you want some coffee?
Meaning: Seriously, I’m begging you, do not hit warm, sunny California and never return. I need you, you complete me.

Alex: Are you ready to go?
Meaning: I think you’re pretty.

And I did return by golly.  Because any man that will become indignant about a TSA agent giving his wife of 10 years, and five pregnancies, a full body pat-down, deserves to be returned to. It will do it for me every time. {and by full body pat down, I do in fact mean butt, boobs and nether regions}

In case you were hoping for some Orphan Care substance, I apologize. My mind doesn’t work that way.  I have to start at the beginning.  A trait that my dear husband does not fully appreciate about me, by the way.  So, for the really good stuff on Summit VIII come back tomorrow.  It will be so worth it.  I promise! Bookmark, Comment, Follow, Subscribe, tie a string on your finger, etch-a-sketch…. do you what you must. But come back tomorrow.

A Birthday and Summit VIII

There is just too much of Summit 8 for me to process at the moment.  So y’all will have to wait until tomorrow.  I will tell you that I met amazing people.  Heard amazing speakers.  Attended amazing workshops.  The Christian Allliance for Orphans Summit is a must for every believer and non.  So, until I can properly put what God did into words, I will wait.  I ran off my plane, into my family’s arms, and  home to make cupcakes for a certain little girl’s 8th birthday party the next morning.  So much more to come on our camping themed party and Summit.  I will leave you with a morsel of both!

That’s me and Adeye Salem…. I know!!!  She is just as lovely and genuine in real life as she is on her blog.  I seriously got to eat dinner with her, discuss orphan/adoption care, and sit with her for the Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  Not only that, but she was gracious enough to give me, {who wasn’t bright enough to rent a car} a ride back to my hotel.  And now, I call her friend 🙂
We are very blessed in that at Alex’s office there is acreage with a huge canvas tipi, woods and an old tractor to pull a wagon full of little girls for a camping themed birthday!  More on that later too.
The Lord is moving in big ways for the fatherless and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  It will likely be in several posts, a series if you will, for your enjoyment.  Also so that my befuddled mind doesn’t lose track of it all!

So bookmark, follow, subscribe, etch-a-sketch, write it on your hand….whatever you need to do, to remember to come back and read about the resonating message of the week.  “There is no salvation without adoption…..” STAY TUNED  🙂