Who knew the first week back to school would be so rough??  Being good at early mornings, letting go of 5 year olds, and getting back into routine are not what one would say I’m particularly skilled at. And with Alex conveniently in California all week, I say “Welcome Friday, I’m so glad you are here and there is no school today or Monday!  Hooray!!!”

We said goodbye to Summer Vacation at Lake Erie
Had Pinterest success
          making memories during backyard camp outs
Trading donut dates for donut earrings. What? You didn’t know they boost confidence for kindergarten?
Too many emotions for one school post
Didn’t I just bring her home from the hospital??
Day one went a little like this:
Me- Addison, did you have fun at school?
Addison- No. I’m never, ever, ever, ever going back
So of course I was left with no other choice but to make her a cake & bribe her to go back.
She ate cake.
Climbed into my lap.
Cried her her eyes out.
“I don’t want to get used to kindergarten. Why can’t I just be with my mommy?”
Effectively shreading my heart into a million pieces.
All I have to say is, Alex better get his hieney home from California because I need a hug.
So how was your week?! 🙂

life rearranged


Kindergarten Eve

Dear Addison,
Tomorrow you are starting a new phase of your life.  You are going to step out of my line of sight where I have kept you since the moment you were born.  I have loved you, hugged and kissed you a billion times.  The last five years with you have been the most magnifcent gift anyone could ever receive. Snuggling, playing barbies, taking naps, reading stories, dancing, taking care of your dollies, watching Strawberry Shortcake, holding your tiny hand in mine….

You were given to me, breathed life into me when I was sinking into the fog. And now I cannot bear to part with you, even for a few hours. 
Nothing will ever be the same after tomorrow.  I know this because your big sisters changed so drastically their kindergarten year.  They gained freedom and maturity and knowledge.
I know that for you to grow up is a good thing.  I keep trying to remind myself to be thankful for your health and ability to grow and learn. All I really want is to keep you tucked in my arms forever.  Curled into my body, with your tiny thumb in your mouth as you stare up at me with your giant, brown eyes.  Its where you and I feel safe.  I know that you are just as nervous, as I am for you, and I wish that I could take that away for you. 



We’ve done everything we can to alleviate the butterflies.  Your outfit with the sparkles and the skirt is ready.  Your Tinkerbell lunch box with your new squirrel hand sanitizer holder, and outlandishly, glittery tennis shoes are all waiting for you.  The Fancy Nancy backpack you carefully chose is stocked full of kindergarten supplies, just waiting for a precious 5 year old girl to use them. Everything is ready. Everything but me.
Your big sisters will be there with you, watching a waiting for a glimpse of their sweet Gussy Goose.  They will have a smile and hug ready for you if you need it, and be your security until you can run back to me and daddy.

There is an adventure waiting for you.  I know that God has even more plans for you.  There is a reason you have been given such a tender heart, a happy soul and sweet laugh.  Letting go of you means sharing my gift with the world.  I want to keep you selfishly to ourselves, but I know that the love that is inside of you will do amazing things in this world and it starts in kindgergarten. I love you with all my heart Addison Jane.
Love, Mommy

The Very Strange Summer and Sneaky Librarians

This little blog of mine has been quite neglected.  There are several good reasons, I promise.  And each one deserves a post of its own.  I need to write it all down, for posterity’s sake, and also because I’m getting old and will forget it all.
There have been monumental events {10th Wedding Anniversary}
missions trip
dance recitals
mini vacation to Nashville
Summer break for my big girls
Impending Kindergarten for my little girl {emotional breakdown for mommy},
kids spent a week with my sister and brother in law
Orphan/Adoption Ministry planning and meetings
Re-dislocation of Alex’s shoulder and subsequent plans for his major shoulder surgery in 2 weeks

And to top it all off, the library says I have 3 books lost that I KNOW I returned.  I know this. Its a conspiracy.  Just when I turned over a new leaf and started returning and/or renewing books on time…. I swear they seem all innocent and librarian-ish, when really they are trying to swindle me for all I’m worth.  They took one look at me, decided I’m a big ol’ pushover, {I am} and are using me as their game piece to keep their library funded and open.  They probably have a picture of me up behind the counters of every library in the city that reads “Place a few more fines and lost books on her account, she won’t make a fuss!”  Ha! I will prove them wrong.  They can take “Wormy Worm,” “Goosey Goose,” and “Lamby Lamb” and…. well, never mind.  The really funny thing is that I hated those books.  I couldn’t wait to get them out of my house fast enough.  They were the choices of a 3 year old little boy,  (who wanted the dumbest books ever published, with terrible illustrations) read to him approximately 5,643 times.  So when I say I returned those books, I did.  I so did. I will not be your pawn. No sir.

But there is only 3 days left of Summer vacation, 3 days until I have to relinquish my daughters for 7 hours a day.  So I’ll tell you all about it soon! Until then, a picure for you 🙂