Post-Orphan Sunday

Sunday was…. glorious.  And it was all God.

This year for National Orphan Sunday, my team really wanted to stress that caring for the orphaned child is much, much bigger than adoption.  We truly wanted to educate people on many different ways of obeying the Biblical mandate to care for orphans.

Its about orphan prevention.  

{23 kids lives will be forever changed through Compassion International and child sponsorship!}

And foster care.

And wrapping around families that do foster care.  Did you know that foster parents are at huge risk of burn out without support?   If you can, get trained and licensed to be a babysitter for a family that has foster children. This country NEEDS the church to rise up for kids in the system. Lets change the perception and sad reality of life in foster care!

Its about helping families who are adopting by giving money, time, clothing, meals, plan a “baby” shower.

The big highlight of the day was having Mandy Litzke come and speak.  She. Is. Incredible.  And Godly. And loving.  And tiny. But her story?  Oh goodness.  She has a story of heartbreak and redemption from the time she was born all the way until today..  Mandy and her husband Dave are working on their 15th adoption!!!  Plus she has two biological daughters.  Are you getting this math? That’s 17 kids. I think she should have her own reality show.  Hey ABC!  Go and get the Litzke family.  Their story is light years better than anything on t.v.

And she brought her daughter Kendall. This awesome girl came on her 19th birthday to be with us.  Rock Star.  And my little girls fell madly in love with her. 

And I did not throw up on stage…. so there’s that too.

The best of the whole day was this, God is moving. He used a woman, sharing her story, to help speak to people’s hearts.  May our church, and the people in it, never be the same.  I have already had several inquiries for more information, support, and questions on foster care. 
Because like Mandy says, “God takes our mess, and turns it into a MESSage of hope.”


InstaFriday- and some wishes for You!

Oh what a week its been! Mine has been other worldly, so I have some wishes for you and the coming week:

May you sit with a child and read a book

May you visit days of yore if only for a few hours

May your shopping support women in developing nations….

May your week be less surreal and more normal than mine was!

May your new week involve a delicious cupcake and celebration of a new life!

May you see the world through the eyes of a child…. and then not roll yours  😉

May your day be as swashbuckling as ours is!

May you have imagination that runs as wild as this boy.  I spy a goat, Luke Skywalker, King Leonidas, Spider Man, and a Wolf Man

May you have a friend who will rush over and take a couple of quick photos for you, so you can make a deadline… and have clothes that will go together….. and be clean.

And may you remember that there’s no place like home.

p.s. I spy a new tab under the header of this little ol’ blog……

life rearranged