Do Small, Heroic Things

It is really easy to feel stuck when you see the world going to pieces around you.  I myself favor the “crawling under the covers” philosophy from time to time.  This however, is not very practical or very heroic.  We all have a little Captain America in us.   And I because I currently hail from El Salvador, I’m going to give you 5 ways you can be a little heroic, in case you are feeling stuck. Tomorrow I will share 5 simple ideas for doing small, awesome things where you are at in the United States.


  1. Special appreciation dinner for our nutrition center staff at a restaurant at the beach.  They work LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG HOT hours y’all.  And most of them have never been to a nice restaurant overlooking their own beautiful coast. -$200
  2. Help with the shipping costs of tools, fortified rice and water purification packets. -$200
  3. Gather school and craft supplies if you are in the Columbus, Ohio area. Rock City church will be coming July 9th and you can donate a bag of supplies that will help stock the nutrition centers and church Sunday school classrooms. *** pencils, erasers, white board markers, construction paper, etc. Leave a comment for more information.
  4. One time donation to Esperanza to help outfit our new computer and sewing classrooms.  The U.S. Navy visited us on Saturday and donated all the 2×4’s to frame out the two rooms!!! They also helped frame it on their day off.  We love the Navy.
  5. Place an order for some of the gorgeous hand crafted items to help raise scholarship money for the kids in Esperanza.  Ask me how your group, school or church can sell our  products with all proceeds going to the kids working hard to break the cycle of poverty!


Esperanza Items



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