New Day

“Hey what ever happened to that Mari girl? Didn’t she used to be a writer?”

In case you were curious what became of us in the last 3 months.  The El Salvador missionary family that dropped big news about moving back to Ohio and then crickets….. We have been in Ohio for 1 month and 13 days now.

We are doing a lot of adjusting. When we lived here before I was a very satisfied stay at home mom-wife.  I did writing and orphan-adoption advocacy on the side.  My world revolved around my family.


Currently I have a half unpacked house, 2 dogs to vacuum up after, 4 kids full time in school, a husband in a very new job that he is loving, 1 photo hung on the wall and 1 den completely still unusable.

I just bought a car yesterday…. can I just say car shopping is the pits?! And way to go sales guy at Mike Bass Ford for just giving it to us straight instead of playing games with us for a week, like the other place we went to.

More than this, mentally I am processing and thinking about a lot of things.  We LOVE our people in Ohio. They have been incredible to us.  We LOVE our people in El Salvador, we miss them like crazy.

But what does Ohio life look like for Mari now?  Its really different.  If you don’t hear from me for a while its because I’m a full time student now.  I wasn’t really going to talk about that, but you might wonder why you go weeks without hearing from me… its because I am buried under a course load fit for 20 year olds without 4 kids and an hour commute.


I am Mari. I am a woman. I’m doing the very best for myself, for my family, and God that I can.  Learning a lot about the roles of women in the world.  Getting riled up about some things, and simmering on other things.  Its a new day, and all I can do is what I have to do today, and know that God is beside me all the way, cheering me on.

For me that means school. And selling Scentsy on the side.  Because we do whatever we can for our children and families, am I right? School and family doesn’t coincide well with getting a job to help make car payments, so I will be selling Scentsy.  I promise not to bug you about it, but if you want to come along side me, and plop yourself down in my rollercoaster car, strap yourself in and take this ride with me, I would be happy to have some girl time with you and help you make a party!  I am also still passionately advocating and holding events and tables to sell products for Esperanza:Hope for Futures.  So if your group/church/school would like to help kids rise out of poverty and hopelessness to an education and opportunity, please let me know.  We were just on the Kent State campus last week, and got to share with a lot of people.


Thats all for now, I have a test today, and better get to some studying!  Just get out there and love like crazy, people.  This world is really messed up.  So just go love like crazy.